Wednesday, July 12, 2017

StatusHub: Feature Updates July 2017

After our recent addition of new features to StatusHub, this latest batch is focused on improvements to existing features, most of which were requested by customers. Please keep sharing any feedback you have so we can continue to improve StatusHub.

SMS subscribers limit

Each StatusHub plan has a limit on the number of SMS available each month.  To help you manage your usage we have introduced a new feature that will allow you to set limits on the number of subscribers who can receive updates via SMS. Please note this limits the number of recipients and not the number of SMS messages sent. 

How to article

Disabled SMS subscribers

To unsubscribe from SMS updates from your hub a recipient (subscriber) can opt-out simply by replying to any SMS update with any of the following STOP, STOPALL, UNSUBSCRIBE, CANCEL, END or QUIT.
Previously, when this happened, there was no way for the hub owner to know this subscriber had cancelled their subscription and might have led to confusion if they had forgotten that they cancelled the subscription.

 To help you quickly identify subscribers who have cancelled their SMS subscription they will be highlighted in red.

Reducing the number of incident updates for subscribers

When an incident occurs, it is common for multiple updates to be communicated during the incident depending on the time and severity of the issue. StatusHub allows you to easily keep sharing updates to share the progress you are making on resolving the issue.
Some customers informed us they had certain subscribers who are only interested in receiving updates when an incident is identified and when it is resolved and don't need to see the progress updates.
To solve this your StatusHub subscribers can now select an option in their settings. When selected they will just receive the first and last incident update.

How to enable less verbose incidents.

Improved subscribers CSV import tool

Our previous CSV import tool for subscribers was insufficient: The tool only allowed email and subscribers had to be imported to one hub at a time.

The improvements to the CSV import mechanism include making it a multi-step process. This includes a validation step which allows you to preview what will be imported and see any potential errors.

Importing Subscribers via CSV.

Subscribers API

As the start of a series of updates we are making to the API we have introduced a new subscribers section. The API allows you to list/view/create/update and delete subscribers.
These new API elements are documented at

Please let us know if you have any questions on any of these new additions and please get in contact if you have other suggestions or feedback to help us to keep improving StatusHub.