Friday, August 12, 2016

StatusHub Updates & Improvements

We've been busy bees here at StatusHub. We've been making sure that we continue our push for improving what StatusHub not only does but how it works for you. So, grab some popcorn because there's a long list here.

SAML 2.0:

We've added the ability to not only protect your statushub page with a SAML 2.0 IAM/IdP service but the ability to also protect the login to your account via SAML 2.0 also. The login protection for the account is limited to Enterprise & Education accounts.


You can now get notifications from your statushub into your Slack service. You can do this by subscribing to a hub, selecting the things you want to receive notifications about & have them delivered into Slack. We'll be iterating upon this to do some pretty cool stuff in the future (which we'll let you know about).

Subscription Confirmations:

When people subscribe to your statushub for e-mail or SMS updates, it was annoying for them to have to confirm that. We've moved past that as a whole when it comes to subscriptions to e-mail notifications on the Internet. Subscriptions are immediate with unsubscribe links in the bottom of the e-mail notification of subscription & a link in SMS's to update it. We've implemented this standard into our service.

SMS Subscription Improvement:

When a user subscribes to your statushub, we've now made that process alot clearer & in-line with norms with a country-code prefix selector to make it clearer.


When we took over StatusHub, one of our primary goals with it was to get the service into being accessibility friendly. We've taken our first step with this (more like a giant leap), by making the actual StatusHub itself screen reader friendly, as well as being usable for those who are color-blind. The drive on accessibility doesn't end with this update. We'll be continuing to drive this even further over the coming months as part of our continued commitment to the ability for everyone to use the internet disability or not.

Silent Updates:

Sometimes you need to post an update or change a status without sending out a slew of emails or SMS notifications. We've added the option to do this.

Pingdom Integration:

We've updated our integration with Pingdom to take advantage of their recent API upgrade, which should make integration alot easier to manage & get going. 

Mobile Responsiveness:

Many months ago we dramatically improved how statushubs rendered on mobile devices. Their rendering is alot cleaner now, but we knew that wasn't going to be enough. We've noticed a massive surge this year in the number of people managing their statushub accounts through mobile devices, so we've done some work on the current dashboard design (since the v2 update is still in development) to make life easier for people. This is probably the single biggest update to the UI since its inception as a service.

We've been trying to not do FoTM (Flavour of the Month) integrations or changes with StatusHub. We work off a priority of 'usefulness over utility' when it comes to what we work on with it.