Tuesday, July 19, 2016

#PokemonGo - is your gaming region experiencing problems?

Pokemon Go has captured alot of people's time right now (pardon the pun). We're enjoying it in our office on our lunch breaks, & while going to-and-from the office. The one major issue affecting people at the moment is the availability/uptime of the servers for people. And it's something that's been driving us nuts too as we try to catch 'em all.

While the game has only been released in Ireland for a couple of days, the team (predominantly 'Team Mystic') has been having fun collecting, battling & trading. 

We've been making sure to keep working on StatusHub (so don't fret), answering your e-mails, & looking after you all all while we're capturing Gastly's, Jigglypuffs , Zubats & Rattatas.

To that end, we've been building up a StatusHub for the servers around Pokemon Go so people can see if the servers in their region they're using are having problems. You can subscribe to it using SMS, email or webhook (for those of you so inclined!)

PLEASE NOTE: This hub has nothing to do with Niantic Labs, nor was it commissioned or supported by them. We created this as some fans of the game for other fans of the game since we had this groovy tool called StatusHub, which we own, operate & love too :-)