Tuesday, June 28, 2016

IAM statushub.

Finding ways to make statushub work closer to your services consumes a big chunk of our dev time. And we don't integrate with services 'for the sake of'. Apart from the fact it is a vanity act, it detracts from purposeful development for how to make statushub better at what it does in the real world. We've had Google Apps identity management for some time, and in the background, we've been beavering away on expanding this to include third party IAM/IdP services.

As statushub has grown up in the last year through what I'd call a turbo-charged puberty into maturity as its moved further into the Enterprise and Education markets, it's had to be smarter at what it does and can do. It's been a time filled with fun, challenges, blood, sweat and beers. But, it's coming really close to what we always saw statushub being. It's been hugely gratifying to work with so many great customers and partners to get this realized.

One feature we'd been buried into doing for a long time was providing the ability for people to connect their statushub to their Active Directory, LDAP and other IAM (Identity Access Management) services. We also wanted to achieve this with the same level of simplicity that we'd done with the connecting of statushub to Google Apps (which is insanely easy).

Doing this was no mean feat. StatusHub itself is part of our own IAM ecosphere with our Cogneto SSO, which allows customers of StatusHub to create service accounts on our StillAlive and PointDNS services using the one account. As we started working with adding SAML integration, we're implementing SAML 2.0 to work with StatusHub. What this means is simple. We should be able to integrate StatusHub with IdP's such as:

  • Okta
  • OneLogin
  • Microsoft ADFS/Azure
  • Bitium
  • AssureBridge SAMLconnect
  • McAfee Identity Manager
  • Radiant Logic Cloud Identity Service
  • DeepNet Security DualShield
  • 9Star Elastic SSO Enterprise
  • Entrust GetAccess/IdentityGuard
  • Envidian WebAccess Manager
  • F5 Networks BIG-IP Access Policy Manager
  • HP IceWall SSO
  • Intel CloudSSO
  • iWelcome
  • Optimal idM VIS
  • SailPoint IdentityNow
  • Shibboleth
  • SecurIT TRUSTbuilder
  • PerfectCloud Smart SignIn

We're testing as much as we can right now, with the hope to set this service add-on live next month. As we continue to add maturity to statushub, more functionality like this will be added as a strong commitment to our continued belief in status services and their importance to your customer experience stack.