Thursday, June 9, 2016

Case Study - The University of Gloucestershire and Cheltenham, UK

It's absolutely no secret how much we love working with Universities. They are the hotbed for tomorrow's entrepreneurs and ideas for all of our future. And it's a hugely exciting and privileged thing we're a small teensy part of that experience. The idea that some tiny piece of tech like statushub plays its part in making student's and campus' lives better. Working with the University of Gloucestershire and Cheltenham in the UK has been a fantastic experience for us for the last year. We'd love to show you how statushub helped them over this last year.

Employing around 1,200 staff to help shape the minds of 10,000 of Britain's youth across two geographically diverse campus' in Gloucestershire and Cheltenham, the University's I.T. team perform nothing short of an amazing service. You might not know this, but UOGC was ranked in the top 100 modern universities by the Guardian newspaper this year.

Like many universities, UOGC were using an out-dated in-house-self-hosted hosted status page. It was a system they felt had outlived its usefulness, and was embedded inside several points of failure in the event of issues. So they turned to statushub after evaluation many other 3rd party solutions.

One of our favorite pieces of statushub is our widget. Sure, it's not flashy, nor will it make you a coffee to help deal with long hours pouring over a stubborn server that needs a board replacement but it has proven helpful to UOGC which they could easily embed into various web portals across the campus.

Being able to update the status' around resources or devices on the move across the campus via mobile device has proved time-saving for the UOGC ICT team. By making their statushub publicly accessible, they've helped grow transparency and accountability to all on campus.

The two most important things in the ICT department were that the system should be externally hosted and offer a public API so they could code their own AJAX widgets using the provided JSON feed, two features statushub handles very well.The other deciding factors which stood out for statushub were that the page itself had a nice design and it also handled planned maintenances.

UOGC found statushub was very quick to get up and running and have even integrated their statushub with both Twitter and UptimeRobot.

If you'd like to learn more about statushub for education, visit our site, or if you'd like to read the case study in full, click here.