Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Accountability helps your sales

People when sourcing services are looking beyond the price and functionality. While both are important, the continued drive towards the importance of service providers in business' achieving their own goals is pushing the importance of dependability and accountability to the forefront. But just what is accountability in the online services space?
Accountability in the global SaaS marketplace is about more than making a plan, it's a mindset. It's a state of readiness to be a 'hero' to your customers. To a certain degree, it's about more than selflessness - it's about going beyond expectations and your actions.

John R Childress wrote a fantastic blog piece earlier this month called 'A Test for Accountability' which I think really is best surmised by his telling of the story of Captain Andrew Rowen and how it influenced Elbert Hubbard, the American writer, publisher, artist, and philosopher:

(Rowen) was asked by US President William McKinley to get a message to the Cuban freedom fighter, Calixto Garcia, somewhere in the mountains of Cuba, surrounded by Spanish forces. Rowan had less than a day to prepare and did not even know the whereabouts of Colonel Garcia and his rebels.
The actions (and accountability) of Captain Rowan so impressed American writer, Elbert Hubbard that he wrote a small pamphlet, titled A Message to Garcia, which was immediately picked up by business leaders as a much-needed message of accountability.  Since its publication in 1899 it went on to sell over 40 million copies, many bought by business leaders and handed out to all management and employees.
Those who are steadfast in their commitment to achieving accountability have it as part of their operational DNA. It comes through in not just their operational processes, but in areas such as their hiring, their people management and in how their services are presented to their customers. Their sales approach will also focus on this value heavily.  And their success is also predicated upon the tandem act of balancing their customer service and experience approach with the service usability itself.

In the years we've worked with many companies implementing statushubs for their business', we've heard them use statushub as part of their sales engagement process to not only show their uptime and availability but also as a way to demonstrate how they handle and resolve customer-affecting issues. The most gratifying experiences we have happens when our customers ask us how to leverage the service more into their businesses to get even closer to their accountability approach.

While a status page for your online services can be a powerful piece of your accountability chain, the core of your accountability has to be in the DNA of your business. Statushub is a powerful ally/tool in the accountability mission for your business as it grows by helping your consistency in approach, whether internal or external.