Tuesday, May 24, 2016

v2 Analytics starts .... now.

We're keeping the updates coming. We're driving statushub v2 updates into your current statushub as we want to get them into your hands in advance of the new dashboard framework. Our dev team have literally got smoke coming out of their fingertips they're rolling out these updates so quickly. Say hello to the start of your analytics engine in your statushub.

Having a status page for your business is awesome. It really is. We recently added the ability to add it to your Google analytics to your statushub, which a good portion of our customers have taken to. However, it really didn't help non-Google Analytics users. We understood that, and we wanted to address it in v2, but we didn't want to wait until v2's release, so we've brought that into the current dashboard using the analytics bar at the base of your dashboard:

which when clicked, will show you your hub analytics:

As this is the start of the analytics engine we are working on, it will show you immediately your SMS usage, your subscriber count against your service allocation, how many services are up, interrupted, or down as well as how many visits your hub has received today, as well as over the last seven days and in the last 30 days.

This update will be available in ALL service packages. As we develop this more over time, the complexity and depth of what it will capture/show will become package dependent, especially after the v2 dashboard is set live. If you've feedback on this, or things you'd like to see in it - please as always let us know through the in-app support feature for feature requests.