Friday, May 13, 2016

Post statushub service updates 'silently'

Walter Bagehot once wrote "An inability to stay quiet is one of the most conspicuous failings of mankind." And ironically, we're busting that one apart with this blog post, however necessary it may be. But, we know sometimes you need to be able to operate your service status updates in 'silent-running-mode'. And we've made that happen.

There's nothing worse than getting a deluge of service status updates about stuff that honestly as much as you appreciate them as a user, sometimes you find yourself saying "Cheers, but I coulda done without knowing that right now." And by sometimes not saying anything, you're saying alot more to your customers. And treating them like grown-ups.

Then there's middle of the night updates where you don't want to wake your subscribers with updates via SMS. And yes, there's those who would say "Why do people not put their phones on do-not-disturb?" Some don't, and sometimes you shouldn't take that assumption with your customers.

And there's another scenario. In countries like Germany, it could land you in hot water in some cases to notify employees out of hours or e-mail them out of hours. France has gone down this route too. And there are some companies who themselves do operate like this, where some things just need documenting and not notifying, so they want to maintain this. Yes, you could take the snark-side on this about it 'being for your own good to protect users from themselves', but I'll digress.

Some updates are necessary to capture and document, but not needed for a 'play-by-play' like an avid, excitable and OTT ring-side Jim Ross at one of Stone Cold Steve Austin's matches.

And when you needed to post these kind of updates that didn't require subscriber notifications, we've not made that possible. That was until now. We've updated the controls around posting updates (in advance of what we're doing with statushub v2), and this is another of a number of advance updates we're putting into play with it.

This update is now live in the dashboard and can be applied to new incidents or as an update to existing incidents. You can also apply it to scheduled maintenances.