Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Onboarding your customers to your statushub

Bringing statushub into your service mix is a great step forward to making the service side of your business stronger. Not only will it integrate easily and naturally to how you want to manage communicating your service availability, but it seamlessly connects you to the core focus of any business; your customers. However, like anything you implement to benefit your business and your customers, it needs some TLC to drive it.

Proactively promoting your statushub with your customers will help drive its value to your service chain. Like anything you want to drive your customers to, it needs a plan to market it to them, selling them on why they need this part of the service in how they use and interact with your service. 

A neat example of this is one of our education customers use a statushub to let students know about TA (teaching assistant) availability, which was a completely unexpected but very cool use of statushub.
the average business email user receives 96 emails per day, and this constitutes almost 28% of their working time
As we thought about this further, we started worked with a co-working space for tech start-ups who are using it to let their residents know about the availability of resources like wifi, printers, meeting spaces, even kitchen facilities. And they've been working tirelessly to promote it to their residents to the point where it's a natural part of their service provisions as new residents come in.

Another area where we've seen statushub value benefits working hardest is with SMS notifications. Many customer's hubs have e-mail only subscriptions, with a low take-up of SMS notifications. While this feels natural to many in an age where SMS seems too 'old-skool' to bother with, people tend to forget that SMS is an uncluttered channel.

According to a recent survey, the average business email user receives 96 emails per day, and this constitutes almost 28% of their working time. E-mails get missed understandably when some have even higher volumes. Here at cogneto, each member of our team can have anywhere upwards of 200 emails per day. We receive so few SMS messages that when we do receive one, we give it instant attention. Driving people to take advantage of this channel as your subscribers can make a marked increase of the transparency and communication timeliness around incident management using statushub.
a great customer experience is the difference maker for customers and businesses
Driving use of your statushub as part of your IVR during certain types of incidents can also help customers who call in when something has happened, and give them your statushub address to get updates from as they happen - it's a great way of managing inbound call volumes.

With so many services available to businesses today that are plug-and-play, their convenience can belie their power to change. Their simplicity of use can also under-play the amount of work sometimes needed to maximize the benefit and values to be gained. As firm believers in the beauty and power of simplicity in the evolution of I.T. we're making this central to statushub. And with that, we want to make sure every customer with statushub is able to make it a fundamental part of how they help create and or manage a great customer experience, as this is the difference maker for customers and businesses.