Monday, May 9, 2016

Making a status page is as easy as making a coffee? Yup.

 When we said we wanted to make using and setting up a status page as easy as getting a cup of coffee,  we meant it. Screw the manuals, handbooks and instructions. The #SimplicityRevolution begins now. 

Last year when we acquired statushub after having been long term users of the service ourselves, we wanted to bring our love for making things simple to the party. We understand how tiresome it is to find something cool and useful for your business but someone in their infinite wisdom has decided that you need to read a manual to use it.

This is nuts to put users through this.  You choose a solution to 'fix' a problem, not create an additional one you've to study for. It sucks. All you wanna do is get the on with your day-to-day workloads, engage with your customers, grow your business, pay the bills and focus on your core job.

Learning how to set-up a status page is not your core job. So, we've now made that as insanely easy to get going as it can be. Being able to create a site that you can manually update is a great way to get going to understand how to build on and manage your customer relationships. Leveraging even more value from it to deep those relationships comes with time, and tying your statushub to monitoring services like Pingdom, VictorOps, UptimeRobot, or PagerDuty, or having your web app write to it.

Getting going with a status page service like statushub is about getting on the path to deepen the value connection with your customers, and bringing them on that journey with you. It also allows you to focus on where you need to automate the updates and how to maximise the values of your status page's existence.

Subscribing your users to it as part of your service sign-up is a great way to get them into the idea of being part of a valuable service structure. is one of many blogs we enjoy reading here in the office, & they've written a number of blogs about why companies should serious think about using status pages as part of the customer experience stack. And with this assessment, they've hit the nail on the head:

And it really illustrates that getting services like statushub into play & keeping them going is incredibly easy overall. And as part of making getting going even easier, we've introduced our new set-up wizard to make it so (to pilfer the immortal words of Captain Jean Luc Picard).

When we asked some people who had never even used a status page service to try create a statushub using this service, they were able to get set-up in less than ten minutes. TEN MINUTES. That's pretty cool by any standard.

For anyone creating a new statushub on the service, this is the set-up wizard you now get. We're going to continue to make setting up services like this as easy as possible so companies can get going faster and get it into their service stack.