Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Google Analytics on your statushub? Yup, we did it (finally)

We love Google Analytics. I'm a self-professed data nerd. Maybe it comes from my time at Google, or maybe it comes from the countless web apps I've been involved with over the years. But, numbers help when you want to marry context to something to make sense of things. For a while now, we've been asked by our customers for an integration with GA. And we launched it last week.

Inside your statushub dashboard, when you click the 'edit status site' icon on your statushub control bar, you can simply add your Google Analytics ID & you can track the engagement of your statushub.
As we move towards statushub v2, we'll be unveiling new additions to help make your statushub experience better so the eventual transition to the v2 dashboard will be alot easier.
We've some very very cool things planned, and we can't wait to show you them. Rest assured as they are near release or released, we'll be letting people know in-app.